The San Fabiano farm was one of seven farmestates of the marquis Guccio Bichi Ruspoli Forteguerri Pannilini, that at the end of the war, having served in the same officer academy, visited my father the Count engineer Giuseppe Fiorentini in his Rome’s office, offering to come to visit it and buy it. So my father came all the way from Rome with his Rolls and as he saw the beauty of the landscape and he he fall in love and bought it.
At that time therewere some 2500 acres cultivated with tobacco, grapes, wheat, sunflowers, and we were breading cows and pigs. Now a day the farm is still beautiful, but a part from the nice horses that my sister breeds,we cultivated organic fields of white truffles, and we are concentrating on welcoming the guests.
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Giuseppe Fiorentini: Last great industrialist of Rome